What to do with Scrap Fabric?

What to do with Scrap Fabric?

I had so much fun with my boys, putting together these bundles of scrap fabric during the holidays. They absolutely love crafting with fabric - from collages to blankets for there stuffed toys - they can’t get enough. The possibilities are endless but here’s a few ideas we came up with for your scrap fabric bundles.

Ideas 💡 

  • Use Mod Podge to make fun bracelets out of popsicle sticks. Instructions for this craft can be found below.


  • Create dollhouse accessories (pillows, blankets, carpets, clothing).
  • Make mini stuffed toys - cut out 2 heart, star or cloud shapes sew them together leaving a little opening. Stuff them using cotton balls, stuffing or more scrap fabric and sew up the little hole. Add Googley eyes or a face using fabric markers.
  • Make a fabric bunting. You can use it to decorate a book shelf, a bedroom or even for party decor. 
  • Make mini pillows. They look so cute all stuffed in a basket.
  • Create fabric flags - use pinking shears to help prevent the fabric from fraying. Cut a flag shape (cut the same shape out of felt if you want a more sturdy flag). Glue on a straw for the flag pole. Use glitter glue to add a name or phrase to the flag. Decorate using ribbons, yarn, or more scrap  fabric.
  • Try making your own bow ties, bows, etc. and attaching them to gifts or creating hair accessories.


  • Try making little drawstring bags, small pouches or small pencil cases.
  • Practice fine motor skills with kiddos by cutting up the fabric. My kids love using fabric to make collages of their favourite characters. 


These are just a few of my ideas. There are so many fun things you can try. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @tinytrendsbyma we’d love to see.

Popsicle stick craft Tutorial 

What you need: pot (to boil water), popsicle sticks (I used the larger sized ones), scrap fabric, mod podge, permanent marker, yarn and ribbon to decorate, glue gun or small drill, glass jar or plastic cup

  1. Boil water on the stove. Once boiling add popsicle sticks for 5minutes. Remove from heat and let them sit in water for 30 additional minutes. I suggest using more popsicle sticks than needed as they may crack when you form them.
  2. Grab your plastic cup or glass jar. Place the wet popsicle around the cup or jar. Let it completely dry over night. Once it’s dry it will keep the circular shape.
  3. Cut your scrap fabric to the shape of the popsicle stick and use mod podge to glue it to the stick. Put the mod podge in the front and sides of the fabric. Be sure to coat it all. I did 2 coats. This step is done for bookmarks and bracelets.
  4. Once dry you can decorate using sequence and ribbon. If you have a drill handy, use it to drill holes at each of the bracelets or at the top of the book mark. This way you can string ribbon or yarn through the holes. Otherwise you can use a glue gun.
  5. Decorate using yarn, tassels and ribbon.
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