The Story behind the Champion Collection

I collaborated with my 5 year old son.

There's a sentence I'm really proud to say and one I'm surprised by too.
I have 2 very busy, energetic, enthusiastic boys, who are non-stop all day long. The one thing that both of them love doing though is colouring, drawing and painting. I find they are calm and focused when they are creating.Raptor & Avengers



Blake has recently decided that drawing the Toronto Raptor's is one of his favourite things to do. We have drawings of the Raptor's verses the Warriors, the Raptor's symbol - new and old; and my personal favourite the Raptor's versus the Avengers.  


When the Raptor's won the 2019 Championship he came home from the parade so proud and patriotic and immediately sat down to draw the drawing that is featured on the Champion Collection T-shirts. That's when our idea sparked.

Raptors Collection

I asked him if he'd like to put his drawing on a T-shirt and we could sell them in my shop. It was one of the coolest moments for me as a mom, to see his face light up, his artwork come to life and him be so proud of what he had accomplished. I then explained to him that we should find a way to give back with these T-shirts, so he could use his artwork to give back to the community. That's why we have decided to donate $5 from every T-shirt sale in the Champion Collection to Sick Kid's Hospital as our way of giving back

The Tiny Trends by MA brand is based on inspiring kids to Live Life in Colour. Let me remind you what that means - Fun, bright, colourful clothing that allows kids to be themselves. Tiny Trends is meant to inspire positivity, creativity, inclusion and to bring a smile to kid's faces when they wear their favourite piece. Seeing my son's face light up when he saw the T-shirt come to life was inspiring. I hope it encourages kids everywhere to create, dream big dreams and always be themselves. That is exactly what it was created to do!

Let's see what creations my son's Blake (age 5) and Jacob (age 3) have in store for you next....In the meantime we hope you enjoy the Champion Collection and the good cause behind it.



Thank you for all your support!