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Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

I wanted to share some of our latest party planning ideas with you. I know it can be so hard and overwhelming to come up with fun ideas for kid's birthdays these days - plus having the time to plan the party can be a challenge. We are here to help! We recently had a Sports themed birthday for our 6 year old son. We came up with some simple DIY ideas that didn't take a long time to execute but made for a super fun day! Hope you enjoy and are able to use some ideas for your own party planning!

Outdoor Chalkboard

A couple of years ago I created an outdoor chalkboard. I got the idea from Pintrest to attach (using a drill and some screws) a large piece of wood to the fence and paint it using chalk board paint. Check out the link here for instructions on how to make your own. This has lasted for 3 years (over all 4 seasons) so far. It is one of the best Pintrest ideas I've executed and the kids use it all summer long. Also check out this link to see some other fantastic ideas for outdoor chalkboards. Anyway, for this birthday party we made a list of "Sporting Events" we would be doing so the kids could have an idea of what they were in for, for the day. This included things like Intermission (which was the break for cake) and an awards ceremony.

Make your own Jersey

When everyone got to the party we had them create their own jersey using simple pinnies we purchased on Amazon here. They used number and letter stickers we purchased at the Dollar store.  We also got Ref pinnies from Amazon for the parents. 



1. The first event was called "Around the World" it involved a simple basketball shot. Each kid lined up and had to shoot the ball from 3 different hoops, each a different distance away from the net. They loved it.

2. The second event was a Water Balloon Toss - which ended up turning into a water balloon fight - either way the kids had so much fun doing it.

3. The third event was "Design a sports themed birthday cake". We got this idea a few weeks back when we were at a cottage. The kids loved playing with Playdough outside and we encouraged it by asking them to make certain creations and then had them present their creation. Using Playdough they each came up with a cake design and shared their ideas with the group.

4. The fourth event was called "Practice your baseball swing". Kids got to swing a baseball bat at a pinata while wearing a Blue Jays hat, sunglasses and gloves. Parents you are going to love this - instead of filling the pinata with candy this year we filled it with toothbrushes LOL!  Why did we do this? We've found in previous years the bigger kids end up with all the candy and there ends up being a lot of tears. To avoid this we gave each kid a bag of candy to take home (along with their toothbrush) once the pinata was opened. 

Other Fun Things

After the 4th event we had an intermission which was actually the cake! My husband and I made the cake and added the Raptors faces (as well as our son's face) to it using toothpicks. I found  the basketball candles at Superstore.

Lastly we purchased little medals and trophies from the dollar store and local party shop. At the end of the party each kid got a medal and trophy for participating, which we called the "Awards Ceremony".



We went super basic on decorations for this birthday - easy, fun decorations that we made with our kids. First we made a flag banner using construction paper and a #6 Balloon purchased at the dollar store. This was used as a backdrop outside on the fence as a perfect spot for people to take pictures.



To decorate around the house and outside we made simple paper fans and stuck sports themed balls in the middle of them. I have been using these same paper fans every year for my kid's birthday parties and updating the middle picture with whatever the theme is. An easy DIY creation that can be recycled yearly . Here is a DIY for the paper fans

Lastly, since Blake likes to draw sports teams we used his artwork in frames to decorate inside the house.

Hope you find some of these tips helpful and can use them for  your future parties. In a couple week's we have another party to plan for my youngest. So stay tuned for more party planning fun! 

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