Olivia’s Care Bear Birthday

Olivia’s Care Bear Birthday

It all started with a dress…

Care Bear Dress
Care Bear Dress

A party idea for me is usually inspired by an item I find and know my kids will love. In this case it was a dress I found for my daughter back in March that sparked the idea of a Care Bear themed birthday party. If you’re a 90’s girl like me - this party may take you back to your childhood too. My daughter is a huge fan of colours and rainbows so I used that theme with a little pop of Care Bears to bring the party to life. Below are a couple things I created for her birthday party. 

1. The loot bags

loot bags

I found pool floats at Target   for $3 each and added in some Care Bear school supplies I found at Dollar Tree. These vintage inspired Care Bears stickers were a Zulily find a few months back. I printed note cards using Canva. First I personalized them using Threadmama printable artwork. I love how they tied into the colours and party theme. Check out the full loot bag making process here  

2. The backdrop 

 Last year I shared with you how I created a birthday backdrop using steamers and plastic table clothes. Here's the link to the video showing how it's done. I saved last year's birthday backdrop and was able to use it again this year. I added additional streamers to it this year to match the colour scheme. I also added a poster I printed using Threadmama printable artwork and Canva. Lastly,  to bring it all together I added a balloon garland. Best hack for hanging a balloon garland and having it stay up - 3M hooks and clear string!!

3. The Table Setting 

 I love creating a special table setting for our family the day of the party. Many of the items I use are from Lemonade Party Box. She always has the best selection of party goodies and is super helpful if you need help bringing your theme to life. I find adding confetti to the table, some disco balls or even flowers are simple center piece ideas (especially for kid's birthdays).

In this case I used some of the left over vintage Care Bear stickers and scattered them on the table along with rainbow confetti and a few disco balls. I also added some rainbow party hats to everyone's place setting. You can get really creative with your table setting by using different sized plates layered on top of one another, add in a themed napkin and throw in a solid or patterned paper cup. Or you can keep it simple and use items you already have. Best part is to have fun with it and think of creative ways to incorporate your party theme.  




4. The Cake

Here’s my favourite hack when you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get a custom cake created. You can either make a simple cake yourself or if you don’t have the time or desire to  bake it yourself you can grab a cake from the grocery store (already made) and give it a refresh. Here’s the easiest way to do that. You can usually ask for a plain cake to be made from your local grocery store or you can take off some of the decor on a pre-made cake and redo it. The cake we used was a lemon raspberry pre-made cake from Costco. I took off the 3 chocolates that were on top of the cake I purchased and I covered it in sprinkles that matched the birthday theme decor. I added a cute cake topper from OhTopper which I think really made the cake! She can literally create any cake topper you have in mind! Best part is you can keep the topper for a birthday memory. An easy way to get creative and stay within budget.  

5. Tattoo station 

You can use this idea for any party theme. Again I used Canva to design the poster “Care Bears Glam Up”. I found temporary tattoos and nail stickers from Shein ! This was a huge hit by the pool. The kids had so much fun taking turns applying the tattoos and nail stickers to each other. 

6. The Gifts

This is a super fun one for me. Making the gifts match the party decor is always something I enjoy doing. I used a Rainbow Gift Topper from Lemonade Party Box to create Rainbow inspired Care Bear gifts! Here's a link to some Care Bear inspired gift ideas you can grab on Amazon. And check out the full wrapping video here to see how it's done!


Those are the main party details! You can check out the Birthday video here to see how everything came together. Here are a few more photos that may inspire you for your next birthday party! Happy crafting! 


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