Halloween DIY Ideas

Halloween DIY Ideas

It’s no surprise that we love Halloween around here! I wanted to put together some fun crafts and DIYs that you can do to get festive. I hope these ideas inspire you. I’d love to see your creations be sure to tag me on Instagram @tinytrendsbyma if you give them a try.

 No Mess Sticker pumpkins

This is one of my favourites and there’s so many creative possibilities here. I grabbed some word stickers from the dollar store and used those as the starting point. The white pumpkins are from Michaels a few years back. I think they have different size and colour options to choose from, so there’s lots of room to get creative. Use Halloween stickers all over the pumpkins to decorate them. I found this Meri Meri sticker book at Homesense but you can use really any stickers you see fit. Check out our video here:


Rainbow skeletons

I found a package of 12 skeletons at Michaels and decided I needed to make them into the rainbow. Click here for a link to the skeletons. I painted each one using acrylic paints, it took about 2-3 coats depending on the colour. I decided to display them by my rainbow book stack to add the perfect amount of spooky to the front entrance. You can use these to decorate a shelf, as a counting or sorting activity for kids – there’s so many possibilities with these fun little skeletons.

Skeleton Vases

This is a favourite year after year. The original skeletons come from dollartree. Have a look at the video here. Cut a hole in the top of each skeleton so that it’s large enough to hold your florals.

Using acrylic paint I painted each on about 2-3 times depending on the colours you choose. I have painted mine different colours each year. Click here for the list of paints I used this year. Then choose which florals you want to put inside. The pampas grass I used this year came from Amazon (linked here). I added butterflies this year. You can also add bats. Here are a few other skeleton ideas from in past years.

Ghost Footprint

A fun craft to do with toddlers. Get that white paint ready and paint their foot all white (lots of giggles usually during this part ☺️). All you have to do is stamp their foot on black or coloured paper. Let that dry before decorating your ghost. We did a few different ones this year and previously did this craft a few years back. I decorated one and my daughter had fun decorating her ghosts as well. Check out the video here. The possibilities are endless and the end result makes a nice keepsake especially if you frame it!

 Acrylic Tags

These make a great gift tag, basket tag, party favor or ornament and are super fun and easy to make. You can grab acrylic tags on Amazon, I've linked some here. I used Thread Mama Story printables for the backing. You can also use a solid colour. Trace around the tag, cut it out, punch a hole and use pretty ribbons (I’ve linked some ribbon favourites for you) to attach them together. Add a wooden letter to the top of the acrylic tag. I found mine at Dollartree and painted it black. Finally attach it to a holiday basket or gift. Can also be used as an ornament later. Watch the video here 

 Vintage Frames

I had old vintage frames laying around for years and I finally decided to clean them up and use them. I grabbed some gold spray paint and gave them a couple of coats. I was really looking for the same vintage feel as my mirror which had a bit more of a vintage gold look to it. I used black and brown paint in the crevices of the frame to give it more of a vintage feel. Click here to see the technique I used while applying the paint. Once dry I added a ghost print I got on Etsy and displayed the finished look on my fireplace mantel.

Cauldron Faux Floral Arrangement

Grab a few faux floral stems from the Dollar store or Michael’s and a vase to put them in. I found the perfect sized cauldron for all my faux floral stems. Use wire cutters to cut apart each stem this will make them easier to space out inside the arrangement. Add some pretty ribbon and you’re all done. Click here to watch me put one together. 

Fabric Ghosts

I have a lot of scrap fabric laying around so this was a fun way to use some of it. I used a jar and blew up a small balloon to place the fabric on top.   Before placing the fabric on top of the balloon I soaked it in mod podge and water and let it dry over night. Once it’s dry pop the balloon and remove the jar, add some eyes and display.

I hope these crafts inspires your creativity. Looking forward to all your creations. 



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